Monday, September 24, 2007

Pedo Bear in Helloisland's Pedoshops.

Okai, enough with the h!o crap.
It's Monday now, a new week, new chances.
And since Pata posted that Momoko pic with PB in it, It's time to post the others as well.
So I present to you, Helloisland's Pedoshops.
Remember, they were made for a great laugh last year. So it's nothing new.
U may like, U may not.
Get off our case.
As long as we are having a fun time. Hahaha.
That's what h!i is all about in the first place. FUN!

Credit goes to h!i members who made them.


Anonymous said...


popcorn said...

a winrar is you. :miki:

Kimuuu said...

I love these!!!!! Thanks, BFFFFFFFF

Pata said...

BF you n00b! How could you forget this one XD

chasing baby Rat :miki:

Berryz Fields said...

Most pedoshops were around page 200 in the Pedo files.
Little rat wasn't there i think...

Pata said...

I think that was made a little later.

like when she showed her baby photos in HPH XD

hide-chan said...

oh Pedo Lord! Such a great old time XD

Berryz Fields said...

The best ones are from oldboy, who has been a MIA whore for a year now.

Coppora said...


Saki and Maimai ones just great! Orz

ana said...

Anonymous said...

Pedophila is not a joke!!! It is wide spread and very damaging, it is disgusting to make light of the suffering of so many children!!

pinoy pedobear said...

oh shut the f*ck!
if you dont like them, then dissolve!!!
or else ill hunt your daughters down!!!
its not a suffering! its an enjoyment!!!

Anonymous said...

wow you are sick, go see a doctor. if your emotions can't hold it you'll be up to no good. peace ima fan of his too, but not as sick as you :)