Thursday, December 23, 2010

Old Skool Wave VS Serious Wave = STFU!

I read some blogs and I know why my H!P fandom fades away (Well apart from the fact that Yossie isn’t there anymore and everything else are heading down the biggest toilet hole in the universe)

Why H!P is full of froo froo fan with serious wave? In the old days we just liked them. We didn’t need to elaborate much how great they were and gather up all the good things in the world about them to support our words. We just like ...

Yuko because she was such a nasty old lady.

Kaori because she was weird to the max.

Nacchi because … Tsunku shoved her in front that we had to like her.

Yaguchi because we couldn’t just turn the TV off when she became attention whore.

Kei because she was too old of her age and needed some pity.

Gocchan because LOVE Machine was accidentally a big hit when she joined.

Rika only because her ass looked good in bikini.

Yossie because she brought lesbian to the yard.

Nono because she was stupid.

Aibon because she was …… Aibon.

Takahashi because she was a complete Troll.

Mako because she wasn’t that beautiful.

Konkon because she was SUCK at everything.

Risa because her shriek from Mr.Moonlight was so hard to be shaken of our head.

And we like those H!P Kids when they were THAT YOUNG just because they were real JAILBAIT. I know most of us had fantasized them in bikini since they were still U-15.

And I know for sure Risako was and still IS a dirty girl who has a thing with her Triangle. In fact, all H!P girls have a thing with their Triangle.

So, next generation fan. Stop the serious wave. Enjoy whatever left for you to enjoy. Whining and bitching won’t get you any good, only to make Tsunku come out singing with his flower ONLY again.


and this post is soooooooo outdated and random because I'm here in the Down Under again and got nothing to do but waiting for the day to meet hana and his merry kangaroo friends.


CK said...

Hahaha, awesome

johpan said...

i miss the old school days. siiigh.

M@STER of iDOL said...

Old school H!P fans bitch because it's not 2001 anymore.

Anonymous said...

this is simply the best wota's blog post in 2011 (though it's still january)

can't agree more with you

I read some blogs and I often think this is wayyyy too serious.

I don't really care if someone from momusu appears on tv program (even when everyone else are so proud and hyped about it). I just watch when I feel like it.

dev0910 said...

but konkon doesn't suck... T_T